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The spicy leafy vegetable from China

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EAT ME Amsoi Product photo

China is home to quite a few exceptional leafy vegetables. Amsoy is one of them. The large green leaves look a little like turnip greens. But the most noticeable thing about EAT ME amsoy is the taste. You don't often taste leafy vegetables that are so spicy with a flavour palette that even veers toward mustard.

You can prepare it in the same way as spinach. But make sure you have enough. Similar to spinach, amsoy shrinks during preparation. But you can avoid this by eating amsoy raw -equally delicious!


EAT ME amsoy is mainly used in wok dishes. But its spicy flavour makes it a great addition to salads too. It is a popular side dish with many other dishes.


Wash the amsoy leaves well and pat dry with kitchen paper. You can then slice the leaves into smaller pieces. It can be cooked or stir-fried, but it also tastes delicious in a salad.

How to use amsoy in the kitchen?

  • Cooking
  • In salads
  • Stir-fry

Storage advice

Amsoy can be kept for a while but store it in the fridge.

Where does amsoy come from?

It might be surprising for such a typically Chinese ingredient, but you really can find growers of EAT ME amsoy in the Netherlands and Spain.

Amsoi - Where is amsoi grown?