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Kiwi berries

A miniature kiwi

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Did you think these kiwi berries were a novel kind of grape? At first glance, they certainly look like a grape. But if you slice open the fruit, you immediately see where the name kiwi berry comes from. It is related to its bigger brother the kiwi, but has a slightly different appearance. Unlike kiwis, they do not have a fuzzy skin, but are usually smooth and green. Kiwi berries also come in other colours, all the way to red.

The ‘mini kiwi’ tastes sweet, which is especially nice for people who think real kiwi is a little too sour. Check the ripeness by feeling the fruit carefully: slightly soft means perfectly ripe. The flesh has a bright green colour. And it smells wonderfully sweet and aromatic. Another aspect the kiwi berry shares with the ordinary kiwi is the high level of vitamin C.

Recipes with kiwi berries

The obvious choice with such a small fruit is to just pop it in your mouth as a (healthy) snack. But it also makes a great addition to a mix of other fruit, threaded onto a cocktail stick, for example. The EAT ME kiwi berry is an original way to jazz up other recipes. Make the fruits the star ingredient in a summer couscous with a sweet flavour for a change.


Simply rinse and eat! Enjoy kiwi berries whole on their own or add to a sunny fruit salad or dessert. And why not try them with parma ham on bread.

How to use kiwi berries in the kitchen?

  • In salads
  • As a snack
Kiwi berry Half Topview
Kiwi berry Half Topview

Storage advice

Keep kiwi berries in the fridge and you can enjoy them for a few days.

Where do kiwi berries come from?

Kiwi berries grow on outdoor climbing vines at our growers, both in the Netherlands and in Chile. It takes the plants 3 years to produce fruit for the first time. After the kiwi berries have been harvested, it takes another 2 or 3 days before they become nice and sweet. The plants can continue to bear fruit for up to 10 or 11 years. Our growers prune the vines to encourage more fruit to grow.

Kiwi Berry - Where Did Kiwi Berries Come From