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The story behind EAT ME


EAT ME I'm Ripe
In 2005 Nature's Pride was the first company in Europe to market ready to eat mangos and avocados and in 2011 our mangos and avocados were given a distinctive purple EAT ME sticker. Since that time, mangos and avocados show us directly and in an amusing way that they are ripe and 'ready to eat'.

EAT ME I'm Tasty
Meanwhile the EAT ME sticker is not only found on our ready to eat products, but also on a range of almost 100 unique fruit and vegetable varieties. EAT ME has grown into a quality label for the most tasteful, ready to eat and surprising products.


EAT ME, Boundless enjoyment.....
Our daily ambition is letting everyone enjoy our unique fruit and vegetables which have been grown by our dedicated partners in 70 countries.

EAT ME wants to inspire everybody to discover the boundless possibilities of the large supply of fruit and vegetables. That doesn't have to be complicated! With easy recipes and practical tips (found on our packaging, website or social media) you will be able to make nice and healthy recipes in an instant or you can give your meals an exotic twist.


Quality in every fruit
EAT ME fruit and vegetables are tasteful, healthy and have the highest quality.
Quality starts at the source: The cultivation. Through long term partnerships we have durable participation with growers all over the world, to be able to offer the most delicious products in the Netherlands in a responsible manner.

Grown and ripened for an optimum taste
This means that a particular EAT ME product is perfectly ripe and ready to eat. The EAT ME avocados and mangos are picked two weeks later than usual and therefore the flavour has been able to develop more. A modern ripening programme and strickt quality control by our ripening masters in the Netherlands, ensure that the EAT ME mangos and avocados for example, are always supplied to the stores perfectly ready to eat.

Nature's Pride
Nature's Pride

Nature's Pride

Nature's Pride is the company behind the EAT ME label and is specialised in importing, ripening, packing and distributing unique fruit and vegetables. From Ready-to-Eat and exotic fruit and vegetables to the delicious berries and off season products. Together with our partners we make a difference every day. The high quality of our fruit and vegetables is a result of many factors. From the devotion of the grower, the reliability of our employees and our unique expertise in ripening fruit, to the appealing presentation of the products on the retailers' shelves. As a result we know for sure that we supply the best quality and consumers can enjoy these products boundlessly every day.

More information?

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