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  • 2018: a new year full of passion

Start the new year with tasty, healthy and delicious fresh passion fruit. Passion fruit is rich in fibre and is also a source of vitamin C. Under the leathery purple skin of this amazing fruit you will find delicious juicy sweet and sour flesh with edible seeds. Tip: when the passion fruit is wrinkled, the fruit is more mature and the flesh is sweeter. This way you can enjoy this healthy and tasty fruit at any time of the day.
passion fruit ripeness

1. Breakfast time

Start the day with a simple and healthy breakfast. Give your yoghurt breakfast an exotic twist with passion fruit.
breakfast time

2. Smoothies

Give yourself a boost with this passion fruit smoothie. Delicious for breakfast or as a refreshing snack.

3. Delicious as a snack

Passion fruit is also ready to eat straight away. You only have to cut the fruit open and you can spoon out the slightly tart flesh and eat it at once. A nice refreshing snack. Mmm ... guilt free pleasures, that's what we like!

4. Dress up

Give your dish extra flavour and an appealing appearance by using the slightly tart flesh. Passion fruit dressing can be used in many different dishes, but we find this one very tasty:
dress up

5. Snacks

Feel like something tasty? Then choose this healthy snack with passion fruit. The skin of the passion fruit can be used to fill with a smoked chicken salad and of course with passion fruit flesh. Let's eat!
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